HSL ERW Pre-Galvanised Steel Pipes & Tubes manufacture by Harso Steels, are welded steel tubes made from pre-galvanised steel coils which can be used for a variety of industrial applications. Pre-Galvanised Steel Pipes, when used in fences along with clean line design can provide for structural integrity and ease of use making it viable for a broad spectrum of uses such as fence framework, shelters, lighting and decorative sculptures for street-scapes, parks, bus stands and light rail stops, shopping center, malls, sports stadiums, office buildings, parking lots and various other facilities.

Steel Structures


At HSL we put in our best efforts to maintain the quality of its products and sustain the uniformity at every stage of its production through our conscientious routine checks & tests. A team of highly skilled intellect dedicated for quality-control works round the clock to ensure that every tube leaving our premises is a product of unmatched Heights of quality satisfaction.

Application Areas
Our range of fencing tubes are available in a variety of dimensions and can also be customised as per the client’s requirement.

Fencing tubes have a wide application in:

Green Houses

Road Barriers Parking Barriers

Road Side Railings

Steel Roofing

Temporary Fencings

Sports Facilities

Horse Stables

Steel Gates & Windows

Steel Buildings

Polo Club Fence

Parking Lots

Boom Barriers



High Rise Railings

Steel Tubular Poles

Horse Riding Fence

Barrier Gates