HSL Scaffold Tubes are manufactured with tested High tensile strength steel. At HSL, scaffolding pipes are designed for long-term usage under harsh environments. It is tested under stringent quality parameters that assures to support men, materials & their operations due to its rigidity providing for a stable platform.

They are highly suitable for construction and mechanical applications, where controlled specifications and associated design regulations apply

  • Circular hollow sections are of high strength.
  • HSL Scaffolding Pipes are manufactured with minimum yield strength of 310 Mpa.
  • We assure that all pipes have a consistent profile.
  • They comply with dimensional tolerances as specified by IS: 1161, excluding mass.

Scaffold Tubes manufactured by Harso Steels, are available in various finishes . ‘Medium’ and ‘Heavy’ class steel tubes conform to IS 1161-1979/1239, BS 1139/1775. These are made available in random lengths of 4.5 M to 6M or of required cut length painted in desired colour.